Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Manuscript and Book Editing

Levels of service:

 Open Book Editors offer two levels of service. Our basic editing services provide flawless copy in terms of grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage, redundancies and basic consistencies.  Our premium editorial critiques analyze style, voice, tone, narrative movement, character development, and market receptiveness, in addition to basic editing.  We rely on intense passion for the novel medium and years of publishing experience to help writers find success.

Writers need a publisher to be captivated by their writing, not assaulted by a litany of mistakes. Literary agents are not book editors, but they appraise your submission with a critical eye and will not submit to any publisher a manuscript that isn't ready. An ethical literary agent will instead return it to you and suggest you retain a professional book editor.

Many manuscripts need more than error correction. Substantive editing of a fiction manuscript includes structural and organizational editing with regard to character development, plot, exposition, dialogue, and other critical literary elements. Nonfiction books may also need additional levels of reorganization or rewriting for clarity and logical flow, along with other important aspects beyond simple copyediting.

We make sure that a manuscript gets noticed for its content and quality. Being noticed for wrong word choices, fuzzy thinking, convoluted sentence structure, stiff and unrealistic dialogue, and point of view flip-flops is not the way to find the publishing success your hard work deserves.

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